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Strackacobra Graphic Tees & Mountain Bike Racing

Hi, my name is Sean Hess. Strackacobra is a graphic design company I created in 2008 to produce mountain bike and cycling themed t-shirts.

As a mountian bike racer I've had many crashes.

After one particularly painful wreck it occured to me that the experience would make a memorable t-shirt.

A few weeks later I completed my first design, with the mantra "Its not the speed, but the sudden stops."

My most popular design is the "flying squirrel," aka, "Ride smart and preserve your nuts." It's the logo that graces the racing jersey.

I've got a solid racing pedigree and I've been in every USA Cycling National Mountain Bike Championship since 2006 (except 2010).

I've been around so long that I've raced in the NMBS (now defunct), I passed and was passed by Tinker Jaurez at Razorback, and remember when it was routine for a promoter to ask for a NORBA card.

Toggle the Design button above to see my most popular creations, and visit the Store to buy one.

When I have extra time I write about my experiences mountain biking and racing on the Strackacobra Blog.

Strackacobra is a proud supporter of the Ocala Mountain Bike Association (OMBA), the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), and is an associate member of the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA).

Origin of the name Strackacobra

Mountain bike riders race on off-road trails called "singletrack" (as opposed to the "double track" that makes up most jeep roads or forest fire roads).

"S'track" is a contraction of the word singletrack. I joined it with the name of a World War II aircraft called the "Airacobra," which I always thought was cool.

Thus "Strackacobra" came into being, the Viper of the Singletrack.

Calling Strackacobra the "Viper of the Singletrack" may come back to bite me (pun intended). It either means I "Strike Fast, Like Lightning!" or that "I'm Crawling On My Belly In The Sand, Slowly."

I've experienced both, and probably within the last two races.

Contact Info

Sean Hess
3936 Sea Eagle Circle
St. Augustine, FL 32086

(904) 386-8327