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Past posts: San Felasco Hammock and Getting Nutted at the Vortex

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Feb 11, 2009 Getting Nutted at the Vortex. So we’re at the Vortex ostensibly getting some time on the trails before the 12 Hours of Santos on February 21. But in reality we’re screwing off on some of the freeride stunts. One of us decided that he was going to straight roll his four-inch travel Stumpjumper off a 10 or 12-foot tall ladder at a 65 or 70-degree angle. The rider got off the back, rolled over the ladder, and had his nuts wedge themselves forcefully into the seat. It was hilarious. But hey, at least he landed it before curling up in the fetal position on the side of the trail. I guess there are worse ways to get a cycling jersey dirty. Ridin’ ain’t pretty.

Jan 27, 2009 Mental Patients at Burrito Brothers. Well, it was great to be out at San Felasco again in Alachua, Florida, even though it seems the grassy sections on the Tung Nut Loop will never ever be worn down into buttery smooth singletrack. It was a beautiful day, slightly cool and just a bit overcast which made for perfect riding conditions on the mountain bikes. We got to wear the new prototype Strackacobra racing jerseys and they worked out just fine. We all have differing preferences for race fit versus club fit cycling jerseys for racing (these are club fit), but they were plenty cool and not too loose, and everyone seemed happy.

On the way back through Gainesville, El Jefe went over to Burrito Brothers to get chow for the crew. El Jefe writes:
“You know the way you don’t crowd the line at an ATM? Well I get there and this dude is standing like that in the burrito line, except he’s standing about 15 feet off the next customer at the counter. Short guy, about 5-foot-4 and 30-plus pounds over Clydesdale. The rest of us in line are standing out in the dining area just so this guy can have his personal space. Then I get to the counter and it totals something like $20.02. In the rest of America the cashier is already closing the drawer before you can even get the two cents out. But this chick wouldn’t process the order. I had a twenty spot but she wouldn’t gift me the two cents, and she wouldn’t even put in the order until I handed over the change. She even insisted–I’m not making this up–that I check my pockets for the two cents. I guess she holds the Burrito Brothers Record for a Perfect Till. Someone should tell her she got the Master at Pissing Off Customers and Next Time I’m Going to Chipolte Award too. So I had to turn around and borrow two pennies from the guy behind me in line, and then she finally processed the order. Then while I’m waiting for my order, I’m talking to the guy I borrowed the pennies from and he seems a little nuts, but then it turnedout he was just a counter-culture type who singlehandedly shut down the University of Florida’s Halloween bash in 1978 using a combination of drugs, booze, and half naked women. The police had to use tear gas to break it up. That’s not a mental patient, that’s a guy worth knowing.”

Feb 23, 2009: The 12 Hours of Santos

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Props to Goneriding for having a great course set up for this past weekend’s 12 Hours of Santos. Just technical enough to keep you honest with plenty of flowing singletrack for speed. The weather was unseasonably cold overnight but perfect for racing on Saturday with blue skies and temperatures in the low 70′s.

The race course was essentially the Vortex done in half sections with Dog Bone and Twister in the middle. A great bonus was that you actually got to ride one of the sections backward (the final drop into the quarry on the east side). They also omitted some of the very technical sections (from split-rock to bridge to split-rock close to the end) to keep any enthusiasts out of the hospital. One rider slid off the cliff near the Michelob Ultra banner but the only thing he suffered was torn cycling jersey and the rest of us getting to hear the story!