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Strackacobra’s Review of the Maxxis High Roller and The Florida State MTB Series is About to Start!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

New Look for

Okay, first of all, I hope you’re enjoying the newer, cleaner look of our website. It was fun putting together and now we have time to do the fun stuff, which is dreaming up more cool designs.

The racing season ended for us in July at Nationals in Colorado. Initially we were scheduled to run the U.S. Cup at Mt. Snow and the Cup Shootout in Vegas, but scheduling and the economy intervened. Well they canceled the race in Vegas, that too!

Maxxis High Roller

As such we yanked off our beloved Maxxis Larsen TT racing tires and threw on some of those not-ready-for-primetime tires we accumulated over the season, in this case the Maxxis High Roller. We bought the High Roller for one race specifically: the Bump N Grind in Birmingham, Alabama. Even though the Larsen TT has survived three of the nastiest downhills anywhere: SolVista, Mt. Snow, and Tanasi, it double flatted three times during the Bump N Grind practices.

For a replacement it came down to the Maxxis Ignitor and the High Roller. Though it was published as a lighter tire than the Ignitor (1.95) we were worried that the High Roller’s size (2.10) would add rolling friction, and make it slower. And it performed okay at the Bump N Grind under practically perfect conditions…nothing special but it didn’t let us down either.

Now we’re back to off-season practices and it’s been humid and wet here in Florida, and the High Roller just can’t handle the wet. It’s a pretty strange design with only every other tread providing a thrust surface. The other tread just fills space. The trouble is, when it’s even a little wet out and a tire needs all the grip it can get, it spins out. To be fair, it’s not advertised as a wet tire, but you know, why not have everything touching the trail providing forward motion?

Omigosh the Florida State MTB Series is Starting Already

The Florida Series starts September 12 and 13 at Haile’s Trails just outside Gainesville. Do you know what it’s like racing in Florida in September? Like racing in a f*cking oven, that’s what! They have a single-lap time trial on Saturday we may do instead of the Sunday race, but we’ll have to miss an Ocala Mountain Bike Association work day (good karma builder) and possibly some of the Ohio State-USC game. Doesn’t anybody check a schedule anymore?

We’ve been racing since February and our bodies are beaten and still need a little time off. As such we’ve always used the Florida Series for training and tune up. Just wish they would start in October when it gets a little cooler.

NEW LOOK Coming for the Strackacobra Mountain Bike Site

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

New, Cleaner, Look to the Strackacobra Website
After a whole six months in business now (more or less) we’ve started to update the look of our site this week and you can see it on our Trail Reviewpages. Look for everything to be updated soon, and as the racing season is pretty much over until late fall, we can finally get back to making some new designs at the Strackacobra store for the mountain bikers we love!