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Haile’s Trails 2012, A Cut In My Sidewall Leads to Cutting Film

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Sean Hess
by Sean Hess, Team Rider and Manager for Strackacobra. Visit me on Google+ and Facebook.

In my first XC race of the fall season I took a cut in the sidewall with about 6 mins to go in the first lap…ouch!

So I changed the flat, got to the pit, grabbed another tube and co2, checked the pressure and went off again.

Then I noticed something flapping on the tire (I thought it was a loose lug hanging off…saw it earlier on one of the climbs coming out of the quarries) and it turned out to be the tube bulging through the cut…

It must have happened early on, maybe even on the time trial Saturday afternoon.

Since I’d already stopped twice and figured it would take another 5-6 mins to change into a new tire, and I’d be a half lap back, I just called it done.

So I grabbed my smartphone camera and took some footage of the yellow wave coming through the rock garden and last technical climbs near the start finish.

At the end you see a rider avoiding a climb by going around a hill…is that legal? Because if it’s legal I’m going to do it on ALL the hills next year!

Check it out:

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