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UCI Windham World Cup Mountain Bike Race: Taking the Kids

Friday, October 24th, 2014

by Sean Hess, Team Rider and Manager for Strackacobra. Visit me at or on Facebook.

This summer I took my kids up to see the UCI World Cup races at Windham. I always wanted to see the World Cup, but I was always competing as an amateur every summer and never had time to make the trip.

I raced back at the inaugural Windham East Coast Nationals back in 2008 (?) when it was an NMBS series race. Geoff Kabush crashed on the big rock near the end, which has since been named “Kabush Falls.” Geoff raced in this 2014 version, now UCI, but I don’t think we included any footage of him.

If you’ve never ridden Windham you need to get up there. It’s short and fast, very challenging but smooth and not terribly technical. Just a fun place to ride. We hope to get back again in 2015 and ride the amateur race before the World Cup, which we didn’t have a chance to do.

Just an FYI, my daughter (featured in the video below) did 75% of the camera work and editing on Adobe Premier Pro. Not bad for a 3rd grader.

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